Carbon Gates Technologies LLC (CGT) is proud to have launched its proprietary mass production of very high quality graphene here in the United States. The outstanding features of our graphene includes:
  • Very low thickness (2-5 layers), that is less than ~3 nm on average,
  • high graphitic content (C-C sp2 content of 91%),
  • average flake lateral size of 7 μm. You can even find particles that are 10s of microns,
  • Extremely low defect density (evident in our very low D/G Raman peak)
  • Enormous electrical conductivity (0.5*106 S/m) and hydrophobic,
We make our graphene through exfoliation of graphite, using a unique process, which we have developed by building on 10+ years of experience on graphene. As compared to other carbon allotropes or graphene produced by other companies, utilization of CGT graphene is undoubtedly more cost-effective and applicable for different applications since it composes of large sheets of 5-50 microns in-plane length with thickness of less than 3 nm thick. Also, high sp2-hybridized carbon content makes our graphene chemically-stable. Applications in which CGT graphene can provide leap-forward performance (Total Addressable Market) include existing market of mechanical/thermally enhanced composites, anticorrosion coatings, conductive inks and composites, Concrete, batteries, supercapacitors, and smart coatings (e.g., antibacterial). Different application of CGT graphene is shown in the figure below: